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Exploring films from the first silent movies through to present-day classic cinema

Silent Movies

Charlie Chaplin to Mary Pickford, experimental shorts to full-blown blockbusters.


Sound gave film a whole new lease of life. Explore talkies from 1929 onwards!


The lives, jobs and scandals of the people in movies.

The Roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s

Join in the fun of the roaring 1920s – Charlie Chaplin ruled the screens, Jazz was at it’s height and a night at a speakeasy was in order.

Read all about the movie industry from Cinema’s wild days.

50s Glamour

Gorgeous dresses, stunning animation, Hitchcock and more – 1950s cinema had so much to offer. With the world’s economy beginning to recover after the war, filmmakers became more creative with their budgets, which led to some stunning classics – from Hammer Horror to All About Eve.

1950s Glamour
British Film

British Film

Hammer Horror, Hugh Grant, quota quickies and social realism, the film industry in Britain had a wonderful array of films from high budget rom-coms to independent classics.

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