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Exploring films from the first silent movies through to present day classic cinema

My top 10 Classic British Movies

The British film industry has gone from strength to strength. Although it has had a few wobbles here and there, plus a couple of World Wars severely affecting production, the Industry turned these to its advantage and given British film its identity. Here are my top 10 favourite British Films from history. 1. Lawrence of…
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Harvey (1950) – Film Review

It can be pretty hard to act when your co-star is invisible. Somehow James Stewart makes it work. Harvey is, and always will be, my favourite film, based solely on Stewart’s acting. Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd, a friendly and awkward man who’s best friend is a 6 foot, three and a half inch tall…
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The Costume Quirks of The Wizard Of Oz

Everyone has seen the Wizard Of Oz! The musical was one of the first films to prove that the expensive Technicolor process could be profitable. Studio head Louis B Mayer (of MGM) demanded the film be as colourful as possible. The teams crafted every scene to be as impressive as possible. The costume team designed…
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The Top Hat Feather Incident

From Disaster to Iconic Gown – The ‘Top Hat’ Feather Incident

Dancing and beautiful dresses go hand in hand. The swish and swing of an outfit amplifies every movement. Ginger Rogers’ costumes in her films are almost as stunning as her dancing talent. One of Rogers’ most famous dresses is this one, from the Cheek to Cheek routine in Top Hat (1935) via GIPHY The dress…
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10 things you should know about Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford is the undeniable queen of the silent era. She was the most prominent female star of the silent era. Her fame earnt her the title of “America’s Sweetheart”. At her peak, the only actor who matched her fame and box office draw was Charlie Chaplin. Her talent as an actress and instinct for…
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9 Facts You Should Know About Marilyn Monroe

The 1st of June marks Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday. The tragic star appeared in 29 films and won 10 awards over the span of her career. She died in 1962, aged just 36. She’s immortalised today as an iconic face of the 1950s, and as a famous sex symbol. Here are 10 facts you need to…
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4 Classic Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is a brilliant source of films. Netflix is closely associated with new shows, like Stranger Things and The Crown. It also has a collection of popular movies and TV shows. But did you know you can get your fix of Cinema History on there too? These are some of the best classic movies on…
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